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The company behind the so-called 'PyunKangTang buses' that took the outdoor advertising world by storm. The first company to apply QR code marketing to bus advertisements, and begin brand marketing for hospital advertisements. Up to 12,519 online keyword searches for the term PyunKangTang daily, and up to 192 telephone inquiries daily. A proper company with one and one aim only - increasing client sales - from ad planning to creation.
The Miss Yoon Corporation.

I can't draw to save my life. Can I do ads though? : Miss Yoon's 3 consecutive viral home runs, recording 0.55% CTR on Naver's time board - 'Maple Story 9th Anniversary Promotion'
Since the PyunKangTang advertisements, Miss Yoon has been visited by many potential clients. "The best way to attract clients is to make good advertisements," said David Ogilvy some 20 years ago. Attention drawn to the good PyunKangTang advertisements led to the attracting of new clients toward Miss Yoon. Miss Yoon was honored to have a client locate and visit Miss Yoon in person after seeing an advertisement, this without any marketing or sales efforts on our part. Those who visited us included not only people who were starting up new brands, but representatives from large corporations who had made and implemented countless ads before.
Miss Yoon, which was originally the in-house advertising team for a small corporation, has grown into a comprehensive advertising agency with the success of its hit advertisements. What was the secret behind Miss Yoon's growth? Why Miss Yoon?
Why Miss Yoon? 
Ads remembered by consumers < Ads talked about by consumers = The power to move consumers
The first secret was you, who remembered and talked about Miss Yoon's ads.
Advertising is defined as an act of conveying information. If consumers remember the message of an advertisement, then that advertisement must be a good one. Still, only a few advertisements survive in the memory of consumers amid the flood of advertisements we are experiencing today.
But what if consumers become the medium that spreads advertisements? What if an ad becomes all the rage among consumers, leading consumers to voluntarily share and spread the word? What if, like the 'PyunKangTang' text advertisements and the romance comic advertisements, people kept talking about the ads long after they were taken down.
In the advertising world, exposure means costs. What if the degree of exposure for a given cost could be increased at no cost? What if this increase was voluntarily on the part of consumers, and what if this increase was exponential? Surely things can't get better than this. It was you, who liked and talked about Miss Yoon's advertisements, who brought potential clients to our doorstep.
Now then, why did you go beyond simply remembering Miss Yoon's advertisements, and talk about them?
Why Miss Yoon? 
Creative : Big ideas that capture the eyes and hearts of consumers
To move the hearts of consumers, you need big ideas that catch their eyes and hearts. Said David Ogilvy, "It takes a big idea to attract the attention of consumers and get them to buy your product. Unless your advertising contains a big idea, it will pass like a ship in the night. I doubt if more than one campaign in a hundred contains a big idea."
Miss Yoon's advertisements became so well-known through the two big ideas of 'unique font' and 'romance comic.' These ideas caught your eye, were enjoyable to you, and made you talk about the ads. Nexon's Maple Story, who took Miss Yoon aboard, was looking to Miss Yoon to come up with a big idea.
Why Miss Yoon? 
A plus alpha effect for a brand that cannot be more recognized
Nexon Maple Story.
Korea's leading game, with a quarter of Korea's population - 18 million - registered as users, and 100 million members in 60 countries across the world, which has stayed at the top of its game for 9 years, came to Miss Yoon for its 9th anniversary advertisements.
Maple Story, in a word, needs no description.The game has up to 620,000 simultaneous online users, and game updates rank first in Naver's search results rankings even without advertising. Brand recognition that cannot be surpassed. The conservativeness you would expect of a top brand. The tone and manner that has been preserved for the brand for 9 years. Miss Yoon had been focused on increasing brand recognition through ground-breaking ads, and Maple Story was an entirely new type of beast.
We were torn between whether to make a proposal tailored to our client, or to stay true to Miss Yoon's existing method. We finally arrived at a conclusion. Miss Yoon's proposal for the 9th year anniversary advertising campaign for Maple Story began like this : 
You may think we're playing around,
but to catch people's attention among millions of advertisements, we need to do something entirely different that nobody has ever attempted.
The 'I can't draw to save my life' advertisements were born this way.

Why did you propose such awful drawings for the advertisements?
The process of planning for the Maple Story ads began with the question 'Why are all game advertisements alike?' The answer was that the core elements for all game advertisements were the same. Ads needed to contain the key characters of the game and the details of the event being advertise. This is realized through provocative copies and effects that catch the eye. Miss Yoon concluded that we could not avoid repeating the existing cliches if we were to successfully convey information, which, after all, is the goal of an advertisement. We sought the answer not in what was being conveyed, but how it was being conveyed.
'Visual shock' became our goal.
Our well-rounded manager Seung Woon Moon's 'I can't draw to save my life' idea was a perfect fit with our goal of 'visual shock.' When the 'I can't draw to save my life' idea was first shown to us in the conference room, there was a momentary silence. We went over the 5 questions David Ogilvy designed to tell a big idea apart from the typical.
1. Were you so surprised you were out of breath when you first saw the idea?
2. Did you wish you were the person who'd come up with that idea?
3. Is it unique?
4. Is it a perfect fit for your strategy?
5. Can it last 30 years?
The 'I can't draw to save my life' concept was the correct answer for all of these questions, except number 5. Whinny at Miss Yoon, the brains behind the PyunKangTang and romance comic ads, had a so-called 'good feeling' about the idea. The plan was approved in an instant, and soon became a proposal for our client, then materialized into an actual ad. While the 'I can't draw to save my life' drawings are truly contemporary and consumer-friendly, all Miss Yoon ads are rooted in advertising classics. The 'I can't draw to save my life' ad campaign was the perfect embodiment of Leo Burnett's rules : Make it simple. Make it fun to read. Make it memorable. Make it inviting to look at. Make it fun to read." As a result, the 'I can't draw to save my life' advertisements for Maple Story's 9th anniversary went viral in an unprecedented time, and left behind a huge, albeit short-lived (as intended) legacy.
Naver Time Board CTR 0.55% (Average 0.1% for other ads)
1 million views for promotion-related events / More than 10,000 participants
14 million exposures on Twitter / At least 28 million Won savings in web document posting costs
- All this in just one month of the 9th Anniversary Promotion for Maple Story!
The 9th anniversary Promotion for Maple Story comprised outdoor bus advertisements, online banner advertisements, collaboration webtoon promotions, PC-room promotions, and Lotte World ticket promotions.
While the average CTR on the Naver Time Board is about 0.1%, the online 'I can't draw to save my life' banners recorded an astonishing 0.55% CTR. The power of creativity helped to bring in several tens of thousands more viewers in. While it is a general rule that at least 3 months of sustained advertising is required for bus ads before a consumer response materializes, as for the 'I can't draw to save my life' bus ads, photos of the ads began spreading over the Internet almost instantly as soon as they were posted. The ads were exposed over 14  million times through Twitter RTs, according to the calculation formula used by Bloter.net. When the 'I can't draw to save my life'-related web posts are converted into costs, at least 28 million Won's worth of cost savings were realized.
The 'I can't draw to save my life' drawing contest held as part of the campaign, where participants drew Maple Story characters, also received positive reviews as an original attempt. Maple Story users responded enthusiastically, actually submitting horrible but imaginative drawings they had drawn with pens between their toes. Some 3000 works were submitted over the course of a single week. Webtoon artists such as Dajeong Jeong of 'Cooking done my own way,' SIU of 'Tower of God,' and Choi of 'Our premature friends the earthlings' were commissioned to draw special webtoons to commemorate the 9th anniversary of Maple Story. Webtoon artist Dajeong Jeong also held an online Maple Story fan meeting. The total views for these events exceeded 1 million, while the number of participants was close to ten thousand.
The Maple Story 9th Anniversary bus advertisement going viral
The Maple Story 9th Anniversary 'I can't draw to save my life' contest going viral
The Maple Story 9th Anniversary webtoon event going viral
The important thing is that all of this was realized without additional costs. These bonus advertising effects were the result of creativity alone. This is how the fledging advertising company Miss Yoon made its name known around the world.
Maple Story, the magnanimous and bold client that gave us the go-ahead for 'I can't draw to save my life'
They say what makes a good advertisement is a good client. Evaluations of our PyunKangTang advertising campaign usually read 'Kudos to the agency for coming up with that, but the real congratulations go to the client who let them do it in the first place.'
It was a real coup that a brand such as Nexon's Maple Story, a brand that is at the pinnacle of its industry and has such a powerfully unique design identity, gave us permission to take the 'I can't draw to save my life' idea and run with it. Thanks to the bold decision on the part of the client, who wanted to appeal to Maple Story users with a more fun-oriented and refreshing aspect, Miss Yoon was able to give birth to the 'I can't draw to save my life' ad campaign, which has placed itself in the record books as the ad campaign having gone viral the soonest and farthest. We would like to thank Nexon Maple Story's Division Director Hanbyeol Oh, Vice Chief Se Joon Ko, Team Manager Min Gyeong Lim, and PM Sangjin Park for this opportunity.
If you seek consumer-friendly ads that diverge from the existing grammar, give us as Miss Yoon a visit. If you are afraid of Miss Yoon's unconventional manner, and avoiding risk is at the top of your list, you and Miss Yoon may not be the best partners.
If you set us loose with a certain direction, Miss Yoon will not fail to meet your expectations. We can't wait to greet you when you decide to go up to bat to hit the next one out of the park with Miss Yoon. Come and knock on our door!
    Idea S.W.Moon
    Design S.W.Moon
    Design H.J.Hong
    Design S.H.Kwon
    Design Whinny
    Copy S.W.Moon
    Copy Y.S.Park
    Copy H.J.Hong
    AE M.J.Kim
    AE J.E.Kim
    ECD Whinny