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Miss Yoon is a comprehensive advertising agency that takes on offline promotions as well, from an IMC(Integrated Marketing Communication) perspective!
Offline promotions are different when we at Miss Yoon do them.
How are they different?
A change in paradigm for game user conferences : Club party to commemorate the second anniversary of Cyphers!
"It was an amazing event that I can truly say changed the paradigm for user conferences."
"It was an event with so much to see and enjoy, it was more like a showcase."
"Since the user conference was held at a club, the atmosphere was heated and somewhat different."
Is that us talking about ourselves, do you ask? No. These are 'outside evaluations,' excerpts from Cyphers users' accounts. The response to the 'club party' hosted to commemorate the second anniversary of Cyphers was that enthusiastic and heated. The rave reviews could be divided into two major categories : 'Refreshing' and 'Impressive, as one could see how much they had prepared.' The former congratulated our planning, while the latter lauded our efforts. We were two times as happy about our report card on the promotion.
15,000 applicants : 1:100 competition! : Why a club party?
The club party held to commemorate the second anniversary of cyphers was open to 150 participants. Some 15,000 applied, meaning it was a competition of 1 to 100. Cyphers users are known to participate enthusiastically, but even so, these were astounding numbers. Another reason for the awesome numbers was the club.
'Come on in. Bet you've never had a conference in a club before.'
This was the head copy for the second anniversary club party event prepared by Cyphers. It was a truly refreshing idea to hold the second anniversary user conference in a club. Not just any club, but at the Lounge Boutique, one of Korea's three greatest clubs. Host a party in a club, a place where minors only wish they could go, and blow open the doors on the V.I.P rooms few of us will ever see the insides of? How did Miss Yoon think of this stuff? Just because? By chance? No. This was the result we deduced through research.
An in-house survey conducted with a 200-person sample target : Well-grounded planning based on data
For our Cyphers marketing effort, Miss Yoon administered an in-house questionnaire survey to 200 target users. In the survey regarding offline promotions, the rate of preference among the target for 'recreational events held at clubs, etc.' was approximately 30%. This figure was comparable to the only item on the list that scored higher on the list 'Watching and participating in actual gameplay.' Through this opportunity we realized that the targets' preference for 'clubs' was higher than other keywords such as 'pretty models' or 'luxurious.' This planning of the club party based on this data was lauded as a transformation of the user conference paradigm. The 1:100 competition among applicants proved just how big a success the enterprise was.
An event rich with contents : The marvelous collaboration from the Cyphers Live team
The runway event with actual models donning Cyphers swimsuit costumes took the event venue and SNS world by storm. Satisfaction with the performance team whose 2nd anniversary performance coincided with a game update was also high. Users' reactions to the Cyphers second anniversary club party was hot and intense, as they should have been, considering how stretched out and intense the efforts made on the part of Miss Yoon and the Cyphers Live Team were.
Participants truly appreciated how much preparation had gone into the preliminary events and performances. This was the result of endless meetings and efforts that continued into the day of the event itself. Miss Yoon's planning realized the club party concept, the Cyphers limited edition plastic bag cocktails, the fake Rolex watch bands, the runway performance with actual models wearing swimsuit costumes, the Gereon hammer game, the Gereon exhibit and opening performance, and the performance by team P.I.D. The Cyphers Live Team added to this mix with their blooming Denise game, Pve checkers game, J.O.K.E.R time, update contents videos, a collaboration with P.I.D, voiceover artist signature event and BJ broadcasts, as well as Amaterasu action performances.
The employees of Cyphers and Neople were hard at work running about on the day of the event as well. Their hard work for the users made the event a huge success with no serious accidents where everybody went home smiling. Working with clients who take it one step further and earlier than the agency they hire was a stroke of fortune, as well as a huge lesson. Miss Yoon took the opportunity to look back on our actions, and resolved to work even harder to show our appreciation. We want to extend our huge gratitude and conviction to the Cyphers Live team.
We would also like to thank the member of the cosplay performance team Amaterasu, whose dedication even the hot summer weather could not stop, the cosplay team C.S.L that spent many nights up working for the new character cosplays, and the P.I.D performance team whose efforts to put up a top-notch performance could not be stopped with the countless meetings, and rehearsals, and our nagging requests for materials. Above all, we would like to thank the users of Cyphers, who were enthusiastic about participating in the Cyphers 2nd anniversary club party, came and enjoyed the event, and gave us powerful words of encouragement. We love you too.
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