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PyunKang finds the way to 100-year longevity; the road to health book advertising.
"While great art surprises you, great design makes the situation clear."
These were the words of John Maeda, dean of the Rhode Island School of Design. People are waiting for superior experts to show us an decide the future. Because we had clear objectives and goals, the result we arrived at made the situation faced by our client and their clients clear. Advertisements not just for the sake of advertising; instead, advertisements that our clients want, which convey the information that needs to be conveyed to the consumer.
The path lies hidden in the task at hand
COPD (Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; includes pulmonary emphysema and bronchiectasis) and pulmonary fibrosis, which are gaining much attention today as incurable medical conditions, lack a straightforward treatment. Our client was in a quandary. 'We need to make it known among patients suffering from incurable pulmonary conditions that we can revive their damaged lungs.' Naturally, our client wanted the advertisement to embody the problem of '100 years of health,' a pending issue of the times that is the result of our overcoming of middle-age and old-age diseases. Miss Yoon began thinking. Things began swirling about in Miss Yoon's brains. We at Miss Yoon refuse to revisit past ideas. 'How will it be different?', 'How will it be more clear?' 'How easy and fun will it be?' Miss Yoon resolved to start from the basics: removing the uncertainty and anxiety associated with the life challenge faced by the target.
COPD is difficult to analyze, and pulmonary fibrosis is a disease that progresses rapidly, sometimes leading to death. It was urgent that we inform the target of the seriousness of the condition. Our priority task was to clearly establish the concept of the disease. We thought that if a pulmonary emphysema watching the ad did not instantly realize 'This is my story!,' the ad would be meaningless. Miss Yoon's radar was focused on the essence of the medium. 'Let's make use of tools that are used to the media environment!'
Ads that are more beneficial and fun then articles
We delved into the media consumption patterns of the target. We found the key : 'the illustration.' We decided that adding an easy and helpful copy to illustrations would create a synergy effect. Miss Yoon decided to borrow the wit of cartoonist Jeong Moon Lee, famous for his cartoon series 'Mischief Genius Mischievous.' Serious diseases such as pulmonary emphysema, bronchiectasis, pulmonary fibrosis and other diseases that even patients themselves had a hard time describing were depicted through droll illustrations. The roles of the devils and grim reapers, used as metaphors for the diseases, were instrumental.
To convey the message more effectively, we proposed that the ads be placed on pages 11, 13 and 15 in the same newspaper on the same date. The '3-page series ad' was an unconventional attempt made based on the results of our reader research. In light of the gravity of the major conditions, we placed our focus on enhancing understanding and maximizing reach. We were able to convey the copy easily, kindly, and in appropriate amounts. The '100-year life map' illustration which embodied the essence of the author's treatment philosophy was evaluated as having played a crucial role in enabling the target to understand the diseases. The grammar that the target was used to transformed vagueness and unfamiliarity into the familiar. This led to increased curiosity regarding the book.
As a result, 202 telephone inquiries were received after the ads were published just one time. This was 326% more than the average number of telephone inquiries resulting from ads published in the same media. Customers had a reason to smile, since there was a solution to their ailment. Miss Yoon and our client also had a reason to smile, since we had accomplished success greater than expected through an unprecedented partnership 'for the customer.'
Miss Yoon is not guided only by the satisfaction of our clients. Neither are we guided only by 'branding,' which in the end may be an empty cause. We assign top priority to giving justification to and rationalizing consumer choices. In order to avoid repeating mistakes, we fight against repeating the past.
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