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Finally, MISSYOON expands its business into the GLOBAL MARKET! 

Our unique insight and keenly analytical skill led the successful global marketing.
NEXEN TIRE and MISSYOON share the vision of 'The Global Top 10' together until 2015 through major motor show in the world(China, Germany, Russia, US and etc).

We agonized to make NEXEN TIREs G.E.I(Global Exhibition Identity)  

How could we present NEXEN TIRE all over the world?
How could we attract people from different country and culture?

Even if the languages and the culture are different, the strong image that people remember is same.

Then, what is the best way that makes people remember the NEXEN TIREs Dynamic & Fun brand image?

Establishing strong 'G.E.I' was our solution for NEXEN TIRE

1. Design identity

Deliver the NEXEN TIRE brand itself by unique designed stand for Visitors.
'Awesome space and I want to take picture' 

People who visited our stand couldnt leave.

NEXEN TIRE stand design was good enough to attract people and catch their interesting.
Stand was designed with crossing the straight and diagonal lines, we used NEXEN TIRE B.I color(purple) in the space to describe NEXEN TIRE brand image.
We pretty sure the 'New Exhibition Design Identity of NEXEN TIRE' will be reminded as NEXEN TIRE FAMILY LOOK by consumers from all over the world.

2. Execution identity

First step was catching visitors eyes by designed space and the next was touching their heart.
Consumers not only perceive and memory the brand image by visual effect but also the experience of brand like feeling and touching it.

Establishing the 'Unique Execution Identity' that helps experience of brand to consumers.
We use this as the main key strategy to promote NEXEN TIRE brand.
We analyzed and benchmarked the success cases in the global marketing area and we took it as our 'Communication Essence'.

(So what we did? Please see the following stories!)

'Promote the NEXEN TIREs dynamic & fun brand image'
Foot, treading on the ground and water, through the obstacles
Foot, giving us pleasure to meet the various faces of the world.
'Foot is the most brave and busiest part of our body'.

'Tire' is the foot of the car

NEXEN TIRE is the most trendy and dynamic tire brand,
We wanted to promote NEXENs brand image through the Dynamic performances and Fun events.

Collaborate performance of B-boy dance and Racing model represent of exciting NEXEN TIRE brand!
Dynamic B-boy dance and Racing model's cover dance received fervent response by not only visitors but also Chinese presses, it was released by Youtube & newspaper.

And also the Fun Events offered fun and exciting all the time like Pinball game : NEXEN TIRE running all over the world, Find the difference, and Photo event attracted over 2times more visitors than other tire brand. 

Our insight of trend & brand made NEXEN TIRE stand was the 'Must Visit Stand' in Auto China 2014.

World is wide, Much remains to be done.
2014 MISSYOON's marketing area step forward to the world beyond Korea.

Youthful sense to read the trend and insight to read client's demands are MISSYOONs the most valuable asset.
The funny and witty advertisements from MISSYOON are on everyone's lips.

Now, MISSYOON hanged wing which named 'Global'.
Talented staffs from various country will fly high to the global marketing field with MISSYOONs asset.

MISSYOONs another story of global marketing has been started.

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    AE M.Lee
    AE M.H.Kim
    Design G.R.Kim
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